Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As this is just the start of my blog here, many of the posts will be like ramblings......   a mish mash of thoughts events, processes .

My journey into accepting that my youngest child has Asperger's  and is on the autism spectrum..  has taken about 12years.

I still don't have an officail diagnosis, the last "test" at Autism SA  came back with the verdict that he met many of the official  criteria he didn't meet the obsession category...  hmmm   i work hard not to allow any one thing take over our lives (luckily I can) i know others where it just can't be done ,...    and since then HALO (an Xbox game ) has taken on a whole obsessive element.......

I wasnt asked (or dont remember) being asked about his food foibles.

but boy does he have them ...    i wil shre these in another post....

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