Saturday, January 1, 2011


Labels are useful....   we use them all the time, to lnow what inside things such as cans

Imagine trying to "cook" a meal from these cans, what clues do we have to whats inside??   the small one on the left may have corn kernals, but will they be whole or creamed??    Do any of these have the tuna i want??   and if the can is soup what kind????

Or what about books with out labels  how would we know  if it was a cook book, a novel or a biography.

People need lables too  we call them names.  As parents we think long and hard about the names we give our kids.  I looked into the meanings of my childrens names and made sure initials would be ok and then thought of people I knew with the name,  and finally thought about using the name at least 50 times a day. ;-) ....   I have heard of people looking into the numerology of the name, and of course there is the family politics to contend with.

depending where you get the figures from but Autism Vic  states that the incidence of asd is somewhere 1in 200-500.

ADHD figures suggest 3-5 in 100 (Usa)
i could go on and on about the various labels we give kids.

But the ones I am interested in Aspergers and ADHD  as they are the labels been directed at my youngest son (E) 

At the moment I am questioning are these labels helpful??    or a hindrance??

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